Problems with divX


I have some curious problem with divX. All my divX videos are extremely dark (it doesn´t matter on the player. I use BS player, but it goes wrong in Windows Media Player and all other, too).

I tried to increase brightness and contrast in divX properties but it doesn´t help.

Some tips pls.


Have you tried a different monitor? Maybe movies are good, but it’s your monitor that is failing.

my monitor is brand new and I don´t have any problems with it. Only this one thing. That’s why I thing the problem is caused because of the divX.

Of course, on my old computer the same codec works perfektly…

I don´t know how can monitor cause this one thing, when all other thing are good (games, flash videos … )

It was only a hypothesis :slight_smile:

Check if your monitor have some predefined profiles for movies, something like “vivid” or “cinema” or other settings that can improve contrast and brightness.

Check also if graphic card driver have these settings; if you can see correctly these movies on a different computer, the codec is not the culprit.

I know what you mean. I tried it on the monitor and the graphic card too…bud nothing works
In the divx video is a change but still a little one…
I adjust the BS player to another mode and then I can watch movies. But when is a divx video on the web I can´t watch it.

To exclude definitely the new monitor as cause of the problem, can you try to watch an avi on your old computer using the new monitor? Maybe it’s a dumb test, but in this way it will be completely excluded as cause :slight_smile:

I will try it maybe…when I will have some more time

but thx for advice

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sorry but right now I have no better ideas :frowning:

Get a program called GSpot, load a DivX file into it and see if it is actually DivX that is decoding them, you might have XviD loaded or some other codec that has “Hijacked” it.

thanks…I´ll try it… it is possible it si because of the xvid, but I tried to adjust xvid too. I´ll try it one more time :wink:

I tried GSpot. It tells me I have all necessary codecs.
But I can´t understand why on all other machines is enough when all codecs are set to default, bud on my machine I must adjust them extra. And now all the Xvid movies are good, but DixG400 goes wrong (it plays but dark).

Maybe it will be cause the monitor…I don´t know

What video decoder is used and what video card do you have?

My old CRT use to be quite dark all time, it was the maks on the tube that did it, but all the colours were very vibrant so I you didn’t really notice until you watch a movie or play a game in full screen mode.
The brightness was constantly up to full all the time.
I did find that manually playing with the colour temps helped a bit. graphic card monitor

and if you mean with video decoder codec…I use codec pack all in one…I used nimo codec pack

I thing problematic is DivxG400 or DX50

Why are you using DivXG400? That’s an old fix for Matrox G400 video cards which should not be used at all. Have you checked your settings for overlay?
Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Display --> Settings (Tab) --> Advanced
It should be there (somewhere)…

FINALY… many thanks… the overlay mode was set to very low values…and I don´t know why… but I fixed it and now everything is OK

One more time thx