Problems with Deuce Bigalow european gigolo

I’ve been having problems copying this movie. I’m using any dvd
and the latest clone dvd. I get the following error message


File 1 D: video_ts/vts/14_0.ifo87

Read error

Any help would greatly be appreciated :slight_smile:

This is a new Sony release not available until November 29 here in the US, I assume you have an original certified disk and not an Asian one obtained on Ebay.

You don’t state which version of CloneDVD you are using, by saying latest tells us nothing, the possibility exists that you are using a different CloneDVD which is inferior.

Why don’t you insert the disk and let AnyDVD do it’s job, then copy and paste the log file so we can see if AnyDVD is working correctly.
It is possible that there is a new attempt by Sony to deter the copying process but it would be to no avail since James at Slysoft will have a fix in short order.

Please indicate what Region the disk is and if Widescreen or Fullscreen, you may need to email the ifo files to James for a solution. At this juncture it’s all speculation until you provide more details.

It’s a valid copy of the movie. Video stores get movies in a few days before the release dates. I’m using clove dvd version I finally got it to work but it was on my laptop for some strange reason my desktop kept giving me an error message. My lap top also has anydvd and clone dvd I dunno if it’s just my computer or if the pesky people at sony have come up with something new. I guess we’ll see tues when it’s released.

Indeed. Look for a new version of AnyDVD to be released soon that’ll fix this. So says Slysoft, but, they are not releasing a beta, so, it’ll be a full blown release. No idea when it’ll be available.

Hmm. That’s strange I was able to back this dvd up, movie only with DVD-RB 1.03 with no problems. I’m not at the computer with anydvd installed but I’m pretty sure it only had CSS because I was surprised to see that only on a new sony dvd.

My copy is also the R1 WS disc comming out tuesday in US, just to clarify not a bootleg dvd.

They’re probably not expecting huge sales from this title…not worth adding the extra protection. :bigsmile:

lol thats funny, that was the first thought that popped into my head when I read the status window.

I don’t think Sony is trying to be your critic…they are just trying to keep you from copying any title they they think will be appealing to the general public…,I don’t believe it takes them more than 10 seconds longer to slip their voo doo onto any title they release.
I will give thanks tonight to the SlySoft gods for another well done job! (

i am trying to back this one up and cant. i have clonedvd v and anydvd the movie is fullscreen region 1. i keep getting this error message.
File 1 F:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_14_0.IFO 87

This thread started with the same question as your post:

To which SamuriHL responded:

So I guess we are waiting for an official AnyDVD update right?

Before someone else posts it :wink: Try Copying the whole VIDEO_TS Folder from the DVD (With AnyDVD Running of course) and PASTE it on your Harddrive somewhere. If Successful, then simply compress the movie from there.

Also, Make sure you are running the LATEST ANYDVD (Ver

I was able to make a backup of the movie Deuce Bigalow European Gigolo with this combination, AnyDVD, DVD Decrypter, and CloneDVD, but I only backed up main movie. Played without any glitches.

AnyDVD Ver was already available when SamuriHL made his post above. Are we not waiting for another beta to become official?

I didn’t want to buy this movie so I can’t try a regular backup or the drag and copy/“Write Existing Data” method myself. If it does work someone post it.

But what do Putosaurus’s desktop computer (he got it with his laptop) and spiderman_jab’s computer have in common that stopped CloneDVD’s regular “Clone A DVD” method from working?

I just made a backup of the Region 1 Widescreen version using AnyDVD & CloneDVD with no problems. :iagree:

Thats how I felt about this title also. Did,nt meen any Offense Whisperer1…just stating what works. :slight_smile:

No, when I posted it was the night before was released and that was the version I was referring to. If that doesn’t work it looks like it’s time to send IFOs to slysoft for yet another new version. Such is our luck. :slight_smile: I have absolutely NO interest in this movie so I will never have a problem backing it up. :wink:

the reason i posted because the suggestion was to try anydvd, which i did. i have tried several methods including trying to put it on the hd. i never could get it to work, i sent the ifo’s. i am not that worried if i get this one backed up or not. it was just the first movie i tried to backup after the update. i am going to uninstall and reinstall to see if something went wrong while updating.

One thing if you’re bored you can try is to use Vob Blanker in addition to AnyDVD to see if you can rip it to your hard drive that way. Just load up the DVD in vob blanker, change nothing, and output it to a folder on the hard drive and hit the process button. Then try using CloneDVD2 on that. If you try it let us know if it works. Thanks!

Good heavens, no offence taken noway, nohow. Glad it works.

I guess I read your post way later than when you wrote it and I had my times mixed up. I thought I had checked the slysoft site right after you posted and saw was already there. My mistake. Are you on the beta test crew?

Due to my checking slysoft later than SamuriHL’s post I had been waiting for 2 days to see if a new update (newer than would resolve the first posters problem. But in re-reading my post, it could be interpreted as being terse to you. Which was not my intent or my true emotions when I posted. Sorry if I made you feel you had to explain yourself.

Must been posting with inaccurate expressions in my writing style last night and came off wrong on 3 counts. Appologize if interpreted wrong guys.

Even if I don’t want to buy a certain movie, I’m always interested in new protections, as they turn up, and how AnyDVD resolves them. And seeing posters have resulting success afterwards.

I’m still interested in my above question: What do Putosaurus’s desktop computer (remembering that he said he got a backup with his laptop) and spiderman_jab’s computer (he said he tried several methods) have in common that stopped CloneDVD’s regular “Clone A DVD” method and the “Write Existing Data” method from working? Or could it be that one can backup the movie only but when attempting a 1:1 clone, something in the extra titlesets are causing the problem?

Best regards to all,

PS: For about a week now, I have been getting “Server Too Busy” messages from cdf. Guess cdf is getting too popular for their equiptment capacity.

Nope, just a regular user here at CDF. I’d like to be on the beta team like I’m sure a lot of the regulars would. When I had posted that, James had just posted saying a new version would be coming out soon and he mentioned a new ArCCOS protection. I made the assumption that it might handle this movie but apparently I was wrong. Sorry for the confusion!