Problems with decryptor



I am new to this forum and have only a limited technical knowledge but I hope someone can help with a minor problem I have with copying DVDs.
I have been happily copying using the common setup using DVD Decryptor and then burning with Nero via Shrink . I run DVD Region & CSS Free in the background and it all usually works like a dream.
The problem is that when I use Decryptor to rip the video if Shrink can’t handle it (Invalid Navigation Structure) I have noticed that the resulting DVD copy has periodic freeze frames or jumps which are presumably at the file breaks of the ripped video. This doesn’t occur if I don’t use Decryptor and simply let Shrink rip shrink and burn via Nero. Are there any settings in Decryptor that would smooth out these blips or is it in a conflict between the software. Many thanks


Since dvdshrink is no longer updated, i’d try the anydvd/clonedvd combination and you shouldn’t have this problems.


Freezes & jumps are more normaly associated with using a poor quality media rather than the way a DVD is ripped.


does the movie playback clean from your hard drive in say…powerdvd or another pc based player? This would help determine if its a bad rip or a bad burn…:slight_smile:


Hi again
I don’t feel it’s the media as I use Taiyo Yuden and Panasonic blanks with a TY dye. Also the fact that it only occurs on file transitions. I don’t feel the problem is necessarily with Shrink as if I don’t use Decryptor there are no jumps with using Shrink to do the ripping.
Many thanks


thanks ZigZagMan I will try what you suggest.