Problems with DaVinci Code

Hi, I’m using the DVDFab Decrypter and it’s always worked very well for me with few problems. But I am trying to back up my copy of the DaVinci Code and in the middle of trying to copy files, it will say that it cannot continue. I read in another thread that someone was having problems with playback, mine is during the copy process before I even get to DVD Shrink. Can anyone please help?

I know this is the DVD Fab forum, but just as a matter of comparison, the latest RipIt4Me is able to backup the title no problem.

So, I’m thinking that if you can be patient, DVD Fab will probably be updated soon so it also can backup the title without any problems.

With these new protections and new releases, it just takes some time for all the apps to be able to adjust. Some may get the code updated sooner than others, but eventually, DVD Fab will get it figured out and taken care of too. On some titles, it will be DVD Fab that can handle the title, while other rippers may need to be updated. It’s just part of trying to keep up with the changes.

Best of luck.

I backed up DaVinci today using Platinum with no problems. I put the main movie only on a DL and the bonus disc material with menus on a DVD5.
The version of Fab Decrypter you’re using may not have the latest Sony encryption fixes. I have Shrink also but didn’t need it for this. ?