Problems with "Datawrite Red V3" media

I just got a pack of 100 of these DVD-Rs (INFOSMART01 @ 4x), and I just burnt (with a NEC2500 1.07) the first one with 4.32GB of data and then went to scan it in DVDInfoPro and I got lots of errors and Nero CD-Speed said the media was incompatible.

So after 5 mins I tested the disc again and all is fine.

Does the dye need to settle on these discs after burning so they can be scanned and used?

I didn’t have this problem with the last batch of INFOSMART01 DVD-Rs I had. I always use Alcohol 120% to burn DVDs.

I’ve had similar problems with INFOSMART01 DVD-R discs, some are ok - while others could go right into the trash bin.

These are the same as AN31 if someone didn’t know…the only difference is the media code.

Yeah, some of them have the AN31 media code.

BTW does your DVD Writer sometimes have problems detecting the INFOSMART media in the drive?