Problems with datawrite graytop

hi all
just got some disks from svp, i usualy get prodisks03 (not bulkpak) which are great but there were none in stock. so i got 50 DV 3121 Datawrite Grey 8x FUJIFILM 03.

tried them with the stock fw and 2k5107v2b5dl, bot with very strange results. the disks dont like the 6x area but they seem to be ok with the 8x area?? hummm

they seem fine at 4 x weirdly enough. can anyonw sugest a fw that would improve my results. anyone had simmilar results??
thanks for any help folks

Yes I have experienced this issue. Check the date of your NEC. I had one that did that made in feb. I have just got a replacement drive dated april and it seems to write them better with the stock firmware. There was still a dip during the 6x phase. I then tried Herrie’s beta 5 firmware and got not so good results. Have gone back to stock firmware but have not tried another FUJIFILM03 disc yet. Hopefully the drive is not affected by having used Beta 5 (I have concerns about firmwares screwing with drives even when going back to an older firmware. Of course I have no proof of that).

just burnt a Photo Printable Verbatim (MCC 02RG20) with similar results. btw, its a great disk for printing on.

checked the date of the drive and its feb too. another question, why are those drive molexes so fing tight!

hummmmm guess its the drive then.

dont fancy sending it back, bet it takes ages. anyone have any warranty experiences with svp?

Yep. That’s where I got mine replaced. If you have tried another firmware make sure you flash back to stock 1.06 before sending back. Took about a week to get tested and replaced.

SVP sent out a straight replacement for my drive
Sorted it out with them over the weekend via email (included some speed tests)
Got the RMA on the Monday, new drive Tuesday
Strikes me that they’ve had quite a few back and might just be swapping them

My first drive was a March 04, not looked at the date on the replacement
It too see problems around the 6x and sometimes the 8x
Just reinstalling the system ASPI as Nero Info tools said it was corrupt (also think it may have made a difference when I set a region on the drive ie region 2)