Problems with DAO/96?



I'm having trouble burning cue/bin iso images using the DAO/96 option in the latest version of Nero. The burn process works as expected. However, after the burn is complete, the resulting CD reads slowly, if at all... However, using just plain 'ol DAO works perfectly. Is there a particular reason that DAO/96 would cause this to happen?

Hardware: Plextor 8x20x (SCSI) - yes, it supports DAO/96.

Software: Tried with the version of THPS3 that was recently released by FLT... For testing purposes, of course! :smiley:

Running on XP Pro..


I have the same model of recorder and I can write in that mode without problems.
However, I have Windows ME installed in my computer. It may be windows xp
Can your writer record in raw-dao?


Yes, my recorded supports RAW DAO. I burn plenty of Safedisc1/2 CDs with CloneCD, tho I have to use Nero to burn .bins… That, and music. Erm… Guess I’ll just stick to plain 'ol DAO.


What’s the difference between DAO and DAO/96?


DAO is the writing of uncorrected data basically. DAO+96 also includes the (uncorrect) writing of the full (PW) SubChannel Data. There are some protections that use this SubChannel Data to store protections in like PlayStation discs (LibCrypt). Besides PW (96bytes) SubChannel Data you also have PQ (16 bytes) SubChannel Data. Some writers that only support PQ will generate some of the subcodes themselves (like error correction). Writers that support PW (96) writing can also write the error correction part uncorrected.

Can you still follow it? :wink:


Since ISOs that are released in cue/bin form aren’t exact copies anyway, I guess it really doesn’t even matter what burning method I use, right? It won’t make a difference… the CD will still need some patch, no matter what I do… eh… shrug



Can a clarification be made here. I make svcd images from mpg files and I make bin image’s of data (avi+text, etc) files because that is the only way Nero will give me the ‘yes please overburn’ option - if I write the files on-the-fly at x4 nero will spit the disc out and will not let me overburn (yes, all expert options are on and I have set 99min, etc).

My question is . . .

I normally select DOA form the final nero burn pane not TOA because I prefer it - but the comment ‘DOA = writing uncorrected data’ worries me. If the bin image is data and hence mode 1 with crc protection (unlike Mode 2 vcd / svcd images), is DOA the best option? Is the uncorrected writing only to do with weak sectors or something?

Thanks for clarification.



Thanks for the clarification G@M3FR3@K.
Guess I’ll do just fine with plain old DAO… :slight_smile: