Problems with Daemon tools, Alcohol virtual drives/ Nero burning

hello :slight_smile:

Ive been using Daemon Tools for quite some time to mount my images, I think its an awesome program.
However, lately, somehow it conflicts with Nero, making it impossible to burn cd’s. It would report I couldnt burn a 300 mb job to a 800 mb disc because it was only 400 mb or so big, even though Nero does recognize the discs correctly. Stuff like that. So I tried uninstalling Daemon Tools and sure enough all problems went away.
Then I tried Alcohol and the problem returned.
Ive tried formatting and updating Nero. Ive never had this problem b4 so Im kinda stuck and need some help.

So somehow Nero Ultra Edition doesnt like virtual (scsi) drives on my system
I need something good that will mount images incuding bwt fileformats etc, like D-Tools.

Any recommendations or tips to solve my problem?

I’m just getting into the DVD craze and discovered the painful way (9 DVD-R, 1 DVD+R) that I had a software issue keeping me from burning DVDs correctly. Nero would be the worst producing DVDs that looked like it recorded in 3 to 4 bands only (rings around the DVD). I tried to burn with other software but nothing worked to produce a fully working (without flaws) DVD.

Solution: I created another bootable partition and installed only Windows XP, DVD Decryptor, IfoEdit, DVD Shrink, ImgTool, KProbe, and Power DVD for XP.

Results: It works ! I created 2 DVD-Rs with something like 1.2 PI errors and .02 PO errors average. Before it could never get KProbe to finish because the error were so significant the program would crash with maxed out PI/PO errors around 18% of the disks.

I will continue to rebuilt the “DVD” partition on my computer so it will fully support and DVD work I wish. My next install with be Daemon Tools. It’s an absolute must and then maybe DVD Lab 1.31. Nero will be installed (after I make a restore point). I will post my findings if it works with Deamon Tools.


yeah, please let me know

Well I have found that DAEMON Tools works fine on my seperate partition.

Here is my KProbe results now : (if I could figure out how to post the JPG file of it) but the adv results are PI=1.328, PO=0.009. There are no spikes except for one single spike (seem to see that in every burn) on both PI & PO. Could be where the recorded data stops and the rest of the blank begins?

And everything works great. When I get another DVD to burn I will install Nero Ultra Pro 6 and post my results. Maybe sometime next week.

does anyone have any idea on how to copy tiger woods 06 pc to disk as there are three disks and i have NO clue on what to do…

i do have d tools and alcohol 120 if it helps…