Problems with Customer Service(RMA) USA

My 1625 with belly up in early January. RMA it and they received on the 11th of January. Called to check on it and was given the "we have no 1625 in stock call back in a couple of days. Called back and was elated when they told me since there were no 1625’s in stock I was eligble for an upgrade to the 1655 which was in stock and I could call back in a couple of days for a tracking #. Called back drive had not shipped. Called again the next day no drive shipped. Was given the number of a supervisor who never either answered the phone or returned my calls. Obtained the number for two more “supervisors” same story. Has anyone else experienced this nightmare? Does someone maybe have either the number or e-mail address of someone in authority who might help expedite this matter.


Private message sent with a number to call. Not Customer Service but higher up if You do not have this persons number*** Sai Tang (BenQ)***