Problems with CSS region free

I have been trying to contact anyone with this company for several weeks now but they just do not answer.
So I haved to go to the only place where I see the people of the company pay any attention and that is in the Forums not their own web site.
I have been getting alot of copy protection errors with the new DVDs even before SawIII came out on DVD. Open Season and Fly Boys also give me the same errors.
As a paying customer I went to the CSS Region Free web site where I purchased the software and wrote several e-mails to them begging for an update to the software.
It used to be that if I ran accross an error code when backing up my dvds the software would have an update within hours or a couple of days maximum. If you check the history of the software you will see that they were averaging a new update every 6-8 weeks now it is more like3-4 months.
As a software developer my self I understand some of the difficulties that are associated with putting out new updates on a schedule, but if you are having problems the solution is to add more help and charge a little more for your product.
The CSS Region Free software has been very good for a long time now but with out support it is not worth spending the money.
Some people say just download the DVD Fab and it will do the same job as the CSS region free. This may be true but I use Nero recode2 for my back ups because it does have a better resolution compared to DVDFab and it has more features that I use.
I got CSS Region free for a reason and I would appreciate it if the company would at least answer it’s own web sites e-mail before it starts spending all of it’s time on chat rooms and forums that most of the people did not even pay for their product.
I am a loyal user and I will stay a loyal user as long as the customer service is there.


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I also use Nero Recode, as well as shrink, and I had the same problem with Open Season. I was able to use the latest version of DVDFab Decrypter (Updated today) and simply copied the entore DVD to disc. The quality is exact to the original. Once it is on the HD, you can use Recode or Shrink and use the Open Files feature to make your backup. Worked perfectly for me. Hope this helps.

I was able to copy those two movies with Plat. V3.0.7.0 with no problems, Maybe you have a problem with your computer or software, Also I paid for my product.
This is a very good forum and people here will try to help you I am sure. The old saying you will draw more flys with honey than vingar, :slight_smile:

I think the latest word from Fengtao on this subject (which has its own thread) was on December 15: read here. Also note that Fengtao’s internet service has, up until yesterday, been spotty at best due to the Taiwan earthquake. And I think the forum is more effective than you give it credit for being in solving problems. You already have an exellent suggestion or two if you need to make a quick backup. Fengtao and Ting read lots of posts here and respond directly to some; with others a solution will often show up in the next beta release. And while, to paraphrase a former U.S. President, we feel your pain, as jaminsd noted, a little honey goes a long way. :slight_smile:

It does not help their cause when they do not respond to my post but Fengtao responded to another persons post whith the same problem. I have friends and family in Taiwan and they have had no problem with their internet and they actually had damage done in their area due to the quake.I had been writing to them since before the earthquake so I do not think that they can use that as a valid exscuse to blow us off.
I am a paying customer and as others have said no response from their own web site can only make a person wonder how much they really care.
I tried the DVDfab with the latest release and I have to be honest I was able to back up my Open Season but the quality was not as good as the original. I still can not back up SawIII even with the latest DVDfab.
I really do like the product and as I said I have been a paying customer for some time now, I just want to see more effort put towards the CSS region free product.
By the way I was using the honey along time ago when I first tried contacting them with an error code that I had on a willy wonka dvd that I had for a long time now but when it becam a comon problem with almost all of my new dvds and no one was responding and I felt it necessary to get more aggressive, and I still have not heard back from the company yet.

Then might I suggest you PM Fengtao directly. You can find his post in the beta releases in the Read First and then send a PM by clicking his name and send him a brief messege. I am sure he will respond to your request in a short period of time.

Who knows, maybe their email server is down or something. Good luck :slight_smile:

a brief messege.QUOTE]

Don’t think it will be Brief :confused:
I’m sure fengtao will think you for this :rolleyes:

ONLY kidding “MAYBE” LOL