Problems with Creative Labs DR8420E drive



Last night I installed the newest firmware for my drive, 0054 which I got from Creative’s website. Now I’m having a problem reading burned dvd’s with data on them.

Regular cd’s and cd-r’s work, dvd-r and retail dvd movies work, but the dvd-r that I have some data backed up on will not detect! And I’m trying to open it on the same drive I burned it with! When I put in the dvd, the dvd burner’s light flashes rapidly for 20-30 seconds, stops, and then the computer activity light turns on and stays on for a while, but still accessing the dvd.

Additional note, after putting in the DVD if I wait for all the lights to stop flashing, the icon in My Computer changes from D: DVD-ROM drive to D: CD- Rom Drive. When I double click it’s empty and says there is 0 mb of data under properties.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot.