Problems with creative CDRW RW 1210E

Hi guys, my cd burner started causing some trouble when it did not want to read blank cds ready to burn. It gave out some message in Nero “fixation error”.I have already read about flashing my recorder to a Lite On, but I´m not sure. Maybe the problem is not worth flashing the firmware and taking the risk of blasting the Cd RW device. I know by reading several forums that many people have the same problems, and I am requesting your help bec. yo know much more than it is neccesary. Thank you in advance for any comments or help.


Update your burning program and clean the drive/lens.

Ok, Thnx I´ll try this. Otherwise, there will be no other option than updating the firmware.

nothing happened, I upgraded to Nero 7 but the problem is still there. Another error message appeared: “Power Calibration Error”. I wonder if it is just a firmware problem or somthing even worse, like a mechanical problem. Please Help!!! Thanx

if you have a back up power supply, try hooking that up to the burner. if not, well i suggest getting a new burner…if the case is that you need a new burner i suggest a Plextor PX-716SA, its the best burner i have ever had…and it s SATA cable…one of the only ones on the market…if their is any others i dont know of them, but they might be around.

Can someone give me instructions to change my firmware ando do everything perfectly in order not to f#ck up my device? I know that it is upgraded to a Lite On. Thanks very much