Problems with Creative CD-Rom

Hi there,
I own a Creative 5233e. And I had this problem once but was able to repair it, but this time it seems I need good advice.

Three days ago I tried to install Mafia. Everything went alright until the second cd was no more responding. Since the installation process stopped I opened the tray and of course the blue screen came up demanding for the CD. I closed again and tried to resume the installation process. But I had no luck. After trying with my Plextor I understood, that the CD was too scratched for the two drives.
:Z SInce that my Creative opens after everytime I close it again. So to speak I insert a CD it clicks several times the busy light lights up but then opens again and stays open. I’m not able to access the CD or anything else. Besides it seems to me, as if the system was used, when I close the tray since I cannot operate my computer while the CD-Rom tries to “read” the CD. :Z

I would be very glad to hear any suggestions what I should try.


Did some more testing and disconected the Cd-Rom from both the electricity and the datacable, started the computer and shut it down again, just to erase it from the Hardware-Manager.

Then connected the Powersupply only and it did open itself again. After reconnecting it to the Datacable the same patterns occur as described in the first post.

I’m really helpless because it has to be the drive since it did also open when only the powersupply was connected.

Please help me!!