Problems with creating audio cd

I got the latest Nero.
I’ve got problems from the start with creating audio cd with both nero 6 and in nero express.
When I have dragged and dropped the tracks I start burn, and nero start acting naturally.
If I set the the burning-speed to 10x it often burns to 5 % and then fails.
If I choose 40 X it burns to the end and then tell that nero can finish the end.

I have used a ton of cd’s now on failed burnings and I’m sick and tired of this problem.
The nero supporters has told me to reinstall and I have done this a couple of times.
I have contacted the supporters again at Nero, but havent heard from them for a long time.

Do someone here has an idea about my problem?

Dear mikkidk

First let me say that this is a Nero SDK forum, generally not intended for Nero end user questions. You are most probably in the wrong place for such questions.

However, I suggest that you

  1. try a media from another manufacturer.
  2. use CD-RWs for your tests.
  3. Maybe save and post the log of a failed burn here.

Best Regards


Oh, sorry. Didn’t noticed the wrong place. But thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

mikkidk i have the same problem. which recorder do you have ?
i’ve got LG GSA-4163B

This is the Nero SDK forum, please stay on topic!

You will most likely get more answers and a better discussion if you post your question in the appropriate forum.