Problems with copying

Since last week I have some problems with my dvdwriter and reader. I was copying several dvd’s with DVDshrink but after a while he was processing real slow. It took about 35 minutes to encode one DVD while usual it takes about 15 minutes. When i wanted to write the dvd with RoxioDVD, it took almost 3 hours to write one DVD! Normally it takes 30 minutes.
Is it possible that it were dual layer dvd’s which has to be written on single layer dvd’s? Even starting some small mpeg files on my hard disk cause problems. The screen isn’t always very fluent.
Can it be caused by writing to many dvd’s in a short period? Does anyone recognize this problem? I don’t have any viruses on my computer.


its a dma issue see this guide also check dma settings in bios its best to have em on auto , and if your mobo is nforce chipset based and your using the nvidia ide driver thats not so good if so then uninstall nforce and reinstall it without the nvidia ide driver

Thanks Phil, but everything is configured like you said. The strange thing is that he was copying real good, and when I inserted disc nr 5, he started to slow down. I hadn’t change a thing in my settings.
When I’m not working with dvdshrink or a burning program, everything works good but as soon as one of these programs is running, the computer works real slow. Even my mouse moves very slowly on the screen. I really don’t know what’s wrong with it. Is it possible that or my DVD-reader or my DVD-writer is broken?

Try defragging your HD, and shutting down some of the background tasks (IE: Anti Virus), and see if things improve.