Problems with copying more than 1 movie?

Hey Everybody

I’m new in this forum and at DVD copying. My english is very bad, so don’t slay me for small grammatical mistakes :rolleyes:

My problem is, when i have copied an original DVD, and try to make a new copy of the copy i have made, it make some reading fails. There are no problem with play the movie but only if i try to make a copy again… Sometimes i have luck with using Neo to make a new copy, it’s only few times that have happened.

I use The newest version of CloneDVD and AnyDVD, and my burner is a Liteon 16x … I don’t think my mother has any influence but it’s a Nforce 3 K8N Neo.

Thanks for helping

// kbba

Have you ran any scans on the DVD to check for errors? Since you have a Liteon, I believe the K-probe will test your burnt DVD

I have never tryed this program, but now i have downloaded it and installed it… When i have scanned a DVD, it comes with a notepad, and it says errors: 1… how i find the specifications about the error? or if their only are 1 errortype, how can i burn without that?
thx hamp - - - as far as well :slight_smile:

I run alot of scans with my Plextor 712A using Plextools, I can answer some questions about K-probe, but not much. It would be best and I hope you like to read :wink: , but I will provide you with the Liteon forum link

LiteOn forum