Problems with copying Flight of the Phoenex

I’m in the trial preiod using ANYDVD and CloneDVD2. I made a back up of Head in the clouds with no problems. Tried Flight Of the Phoenix running ANYDVD in background with CloneDVD2 and all I get is a black screen when previewing. I get this message. unable to read File 0 E:/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO 21.
Tried nero and shrink and the same thing. I used DVD Decrypter to create the video_TS file then Nero to backup copy.

Why won’t ANYDVD work?

Which version? Settings?

ANYDVD, enable DVD, Auto start, Feature removal all ckecked, use CSS keys.
DVDClone2, Tried both Copy DVD titles and Clone DVD and have the problem

I backed up my copy with without any problems whatsoever (and CloneDVD2)

I read a post on CloneDvd2 that some have found a bad chapter in the original video. I think this is what the problem is. One of the errors talk about cleaning the DVD, That’s not the problem. I’m starting to agree with some other that a bad batch made it to the market. :a The strange thing is I can use DVD Decryptor and no problems. We watched the back-up I made last night and it ran flawless.

Wonder if Slysoft would know how to get around this? But it’s good to have other tool to use if one doesn’t work. :wink:

Just found the problem, Deleated the archives in the CSS, to clear all css keys in anydvd. This worked!