Problems with copies

I have a problem with some copies I did, i use clone-dvd2 and anydvd to copy them, but when im watching the movie, it stops when its about 20-10 minutes to the end.:a

It happened with Chronicles of Riddick, King Arthur and Mind Hunters; first i thought it was the media, but its strange that all 3 movies freeze at the same point…

My question is: am i using the right software?, is there any new anticopy protection on those movies that can cause those errors?

thx, and excuse my english :stuck_out_tongue:

Reduce your burn speed to 4x and use quality media like Taiyo Yuden.

But i have lots of backups working with the same media, and i always burn at 4x

@furballi’s advice is sound - take it or leave it. Just because you’ve produced lots of working backups, doesn’t mean they are quality discs. One indicator of good quality discs is their longevity - bad discs often start to exhibit bad behaviour a few months down the track.