Problems with converting avi movie to DVD, Whats the go?

Hello,What’s the go?
I am having problems converting avi movie to DVD.
I’m downloading avi movie from morpheus,and would like to view it in partial,from the start,while the rest of the movie keeps on downloading.
The program I have tried is nero.I went into nero,clicked on make your own DVD,Clicked add video files (which I tried to transfer from my partial folder).AN ERROR CAME UP SAYING,“Unable to insert”.
I have also tried playing part of the movie on nero and power dvd,without any luck.WHAT’S THE GO???
After downloading the movie,which could take weeks or months,will I still have this problem with the full length of the avi ? :doh:

No, the problem is that the movie cant play with any of these programs because the data the program would need to add them within the file has not been downloaded yet.

It should almost certainly work once downloaded. Untill then, I would recomed playing the video with VideoLAN. VideoLAN is very good at playing video files with errors in (such as partually downloaded ones).

Ben :slight_smile:

ps. weeks or months???, are you on 14.4kbps

no much less than that 2kpbs is the speed it downloads but waiting to connect a lot of the time how long would you think 700mb would take (anth)?

Well, even on Dial-Up a 700MB movie shouldnt take more than 2 days.

Ben :slight_smile:

didnt read the whole problem