Problems with conversion of vobs

I used to be able to convert a dvd move to an avi file of about 1.34gig, and use avichop to produce file sizes to be encoded as mpeg 1 for video cd playback. I must have installed a bad codec as I can now only produce avi files of 740meg. I am using Flaskmeg with the same settings as before. Now its my turn to ask for help :o

GrEeTz FrOm ThE UK! (maby not for much longer, possible move to North Carolina :slight_smile: )

Try going to or for some useful information.

Have had this also, but I think it depends on the movie you are encoding. Some movies I can’t get higher than 500megs, don’t know why…

yeah but I have ripped Castaway b4 and it was 1.34gig, it is now only 700meg, I must have installed a bad codec for sure. Are there any other programs apart from FlaskMpeg which will convert vobs to an avi?:slight_smile:

Nandub can do the job !!!

If you select the highest resolution (720x576) and use a higher bitrate than you files must be big! If the files are smaller then the quality is worse! (depending on lenght!)