Problems with computer not booting correctly

hello…I have an old computer…it’s an old pentium 4 1.7Ghz …it has 512mb sdram…the mobo is an Intel® Desktop Board D845WN …the computer was working really fine these last 6 years…now it powers on but there’s no image on the screen…everything seems to be ok…the power is working…the light on the motherboard is on…the HD is spinning…I really dont know whats wrong…another problem is that there’s no beep…so I cant solve my problem…so please kindly help me…thanxs a lot

also it is not a problem with my graphic card…I already tested this option but to no avail… :frowning:

I know you probably have but I have to ask, Did you test the monitor? If the HDD sounds like it is up and running that is what I would think of.

How did you test the graphic card?
You may have lost the drivers to the graphic card.

What OS are you running.
Have you added or upgraded anything lately?

Also with some malware it can boot up and have no picture, in this case you would need to see if you can boot up a install cd and see if the basic drivers would take over and start it up.

I have an old simple PCI graphic card that i use to help others when there systems will not start up.

@ overclocking,

The fact that you are not receiving a ‘Beep’ during startup is valuable pertinent troubleshooting information.

Suggest reviewing the below Web Page Link and perform the troubleshooting steps under “No beeps are heard during startup” ->

Suggest using Google Search ( and/or Bing Search ( for the topic “No beep during startup” which will reveal other useful troubleshooting Web Page Links.


the monitor is working correctly as when connected to my other pc, it works…i tested the graphic card in another system n it’s working perfectly…i’ll try to put a windows installation cd n see if it works…thanxs a lot…lets hope it works…by the way my os is a windows xp pro sp2

thxs bjkg…i’ll try this except that my power supply does not have a voltage selector switch…it has the hole but there’s no switch…weird na? :s …it’s an atx one by the way…


check the capacitors of motherboard and, if possible, PSU.


ok…I will check the capacitors…but check them for what please?

ok i read n i now understand but I really hope the problem is not that…it will be a real pain to change a motherboard…will tell u guys the results later…its quite late here…gudnite :slight_smile: n thanxs a lot 4 helping

I had to replace some defective capacitors in my old IBM.
It only had 3 of the defective ones on the motherboard.
I looked up my invoice & I did this in 2006.It’s been running fine since.
These are the ones I needed & where I purchased them.
If you need the same ones this will save you a lot of time hunting them down.

I guess I should add you need to be comfortable with soldering on your MB.
I removed the MB & did the job myself.
A desoldering tool really helps.Mine is just a manual vac tool made for this .
A good quality soldering gun too.
The capacitors will be swelled on top or already leaking.Fortunatly for me mine were only swelled when the started failing.

the capacitors seems to be ok…by the way y does every electrical component need capacitors? whats their use? im just being curious…

@ bean55

I put my windows install cd n nothing happens…any more advice please?

dont you think my problem could be with my CMOS battery? I already resetted it…I removed it, leaved it for atleast three hours n put it again but same thing…no image on screen :frowning:

When you turn it on does anything show on the screen?
The bios loading or the flash screen,anything at all?

no…nothing shows on the screen…not even the bios image or flash screen…

Then we are down to the MOBO

My next step would be to get my cheap simple basic pci video card and put it in and try it. That is what usually works for me. Unless the MOBO is shot.

Did you check for the bad capacitors on the MB?
They might only have the tops of the capacitor domed.
The top should be flat.
It is better if they are not leaking.

this mobo uses agp graphic cards only…I already tried another card in the mobo but same thing happened…NO IMAGE…think the mobo has died…another thing I noted today is that my WHOLE pc casing has become live…I touched it n got some current…goshhh…

@ cholla : I already checked the capacitors…no leakage…no opening on top…everything is ok with the capacitors on the board…I really dont understand whats happening…it was working fine n suddenly it stopped showing any image on the screen

It’s good that you don’t have the bad capacitors.
My next bet is a bad power supply.
I’m guessing you did have the computer unplugged when you felt the current?
If you did then probably no damage done except to you.
I also assume you were grounded to the computer chassis at the time.

I felt the current when the computer was on…I was plugging a speaker to the on board sound card n I felt the current…

the power supply maybe faulty??? not againnnnnn…I already changed it 2 years ago…

Did the shock happen before the monitor problem started?

no no…it happened after…as I was not hearing any beeps, i said y not connect a speaker n see