Problems with Complete disc



I have recently purchased DVD FAB PLATINIUM and everytime I back-up the complete disc with express it burns no problem, I put it in my DVD player it plays great but, in the main menu when i select play movie it freezes.

When i burn just the main movie, it works perfect. I use Maxell DVD+R media. I read in some other posts that the burn speed should be reduced and that turning off the firewall helps. How do I do that?

And I have couple questions about the settings on DVDFAB Express Mode,


there is 4200, 4472 and customize, I have mine on 4200, what is this for and which should I use?

Burning Engine

VSO burning engine and NERO burning Rom. Mine is on VSO, is one better than the other?

Writing Speed

I have mine set on “Recommended”, is slower best?

Write Type of DVD-R Media

what’s the difference between Packet Writing and SAO Writing? mine is set on packet.



[U]Newer [/U] movies = a lot of pain if you select “complete disc”…other than a DL rip/burn - (and that has its own set of issues)…At this point,if you can live with a “main movie” backup - go for that…for most part result is reliable. Hopefully at some point Fengtao will solve the complete disc backups…at this point, a problem. Hollywood, (and primarily Sony and its affiliates), are attacking the backups based on the “complete disc” backup. Note, Sony = Microsoft in the film world…basically Evil.


I have posted some links about writing types. Most use the slower speeds because DVD writes from inside outwards and the speed increases. Also the closer you get to the outer edge the more likely you will have errors. I usually just copy main movie in the wide screen format with English audio. I have posted reason but dont remember how long ago, but DVD companies tend to place funny things in the extras that make burning harder. Media is usually what is more compatible with your equipment. I use TY DVD-R most of the time with good results but when using +R I change booktype to DVD-ROM which tricks players to see it as the format that originals are read as.



Your settings are fine, no need to change. If readability errors occur, reduce speed to slow.