Problems with colours in CCE-encoded mpeg's

I’ve made a few movies using Chickenman’s excellent “How to convert your DivX to SVCD”-tutorial.

However a few mpeg’s have come out with the colours all screwed up; blue faces, distorted colours…

The latest avi i tried was originally encoded as PAL, with divx3 Low-Motion codec.

I’ve tried using “no color conversion” and “convert to YUY2” in CCE-advanced settings. Trying RGB32 now. Other than that I’m pretty lost on what to do.

Anyone have an clue?

Try install the latest divx and xvid codecs. I had this problem after installing some odd version off xvid but then using a newer version solved the problems.

From the AVISynth docs (always pays to read the docs):

SwapUV swaps chroma channels (U and V) of a clip. Sometimes the colors are distorted (faces blue instead of red, etc) when loading a DivX or MJPEG clip in AviSynth v2.5, due to a bug in DivX (?). You can use this filter to correct it.

Could also try using ffvfw for DivX3 decoding.

I tried adding the swapUV filter to my avisynth-script, and it works excellent.

Thanx a lot:D