Problems with CLONEDVD2

hello, :confused:

i am new 2 this forum. now here’s the problem. first i am using dvd decrypter to decyrpt the dvd’s and then use clonedvd2 to burn them. i am using the option 3 “write existing data” and then follow the steps but when i hit GO i get an error which missing VOB file IFO 22 format.

can someone please tell me what i am missing here ??

What dvd are you processing ?? what dvdrw do you have and why are you not just using clonedvd with anydvd from to backup your dvd??

Are you ripping all files with DVD Decrypter or just the main movie?

i am tryin 2 burn rental dvd’s.

when i insert movie dvd in my laptop and run dvd decrypter, the program selects some files on the right hand side of the program window which i then store to external hard drive. the folder has video_ts folder in it.

i had been using dvdshrink but it takes too long and someone suggested using clonedvd but somehow i havnt come across any clonedvd manual

thanks again for your help

i have a already authored dvd inside of a VIDEO_TS folder with .ifo .bup and .vob files.

then i use dvd shrink but takes too long so i am tryin 2 use clonedvd.

when i open i am using clone dvd option (option 2)


in dvd decrypter i am selecting main movie + ifo’s

sorry. can’t help you. thread reported.

can you plz tell me what does this mean “thread reported”

It means you were reported for not following the forum rules. You can only backup a dvd that you OWN-not a rental.

Indeed. Thread closed.