Problems with CloneDVD2 not ejecting DVD

Hi, I am a newbie an am having problems with CloneDVD2 not ejecting after burning a DVD. I have a new HP PC with and HP burner. The DVD burns fine, but hangs after writing buffers. I have to power off the PC to continue. The program will not close. I had the software working fine on my old IBM PC with a BENQ burner. Help!! HP was no help, firmware updated did not included CloneDVD. Thank!!!

IF you aren’t using the most current version of CloneDVD, make sure you get the latest updates. If you still have problems after that, try a different software and see if the problem goes away. If that doesn’t work, try different media. If that doesn’t work, report back.

I have the latest CloneDVD updates and tried different media (Sony), the same problem still occurs. CloneDVD worked fine on my old PC, however it won’t work with the HP Burner…

Do you have Sonic DLA or INCD installed on your pc? What all do you have installed for burning type softwares?

I do not have Sonic DLA or INCD installed. The only burning software installed at this time is the CloneDVD2 software. Any other ideas???

I had the same problem and it sounds like I have nearly the same pc you do. After trying all the fixits listed here, I remembered that I never had this problem when I first began using the clonedvd prog with the first dvd+r discs I had. I bought some new Verbatim 16x dvd+r discs — no more problem … can’t explain it, just telling you thats what is working for me now.