Problems with CLONEDVD2

I have been using ANYDVD ( and DVD SHRINK ( with great results. I want to use CLONEDVD and it is hanging up when it gets to flushing buffers and writing borders. The copy DVD is actually good and plays it just hangs my computer up. I am using Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd. DVD-R:TYG02 and an OPTORITE DVD RW DD0401 (Latest Firmware 160E).

I wrote to Slysoft support and they said :

“Just click on the “DVD-5” button beside the Quality Meter to select this mode:
Select a target size of 4200 MB, then copy a DVD. If the writer doesn’t hang this time, the coating of the blank is too thin towards the end.”

Well this worked :slight_smile:

The questions are has anyone experienced this before?

I use DVD shrink with no problems with the same disks why don’t I experience the problem with this program?

What type of disks do you guys recoommend ?

What size is DVD-5 set too in CLoneDVD and what size target do you recommend ?

Sorry for the long thread just wanted to get all the information and Thanks in advance.

Taiyo Yuden Co is real good media and i am surprised it is happening because failure at the outer edges is not characteristic of TY media. I suppose you could have gotten a bad batch or a fake (Counterfeit) batch of TY. Counterfeit TY’s have been reported by other cdf members. Who did you order it from online or what store did you buy it from? Failure at the outer edges is a common charactoristic of cheap, storeshelf media like memorex. They are Single Layer (“4.7 GB”) disks correct(?) … not Dual Layer right? Are they +R or -R?

How many minutes have you waited for finalization when you say

…hanging up when it gets to flushing buffers and writing borders …
Do you mean you get a complete computer freeze up and you have to reboot?

What is the GB size readout of the original you are backing up? Just in case you don’t know, you check this by right-clicking on the drive in Explorer or My Computer, that has the original in it and choosing Properties. What compression reading does the Clone DVD Compression Meter give you?

The DVD-5 setting should yield about 4.33-4.37 GB of data. The 4200 setting finishes you a bit inside of the outer edge of the disk. You could try buying Verbatim or Sony which are very good media. Don’t know anything about Optorite burners. It could be the burner however you say it works ok with other programs.

Double check the Optorite website to be absolutely sure there is no newer firmware version that has just been released.

Post back answers to the above questions. I’ve been working 14-16 hours a day so others will probably pop in and make suggestions.

Best regards,

Hi Whisperer

Thanks for the response. I usaed DVD Identifier see results below to idenitify the discs and I buy then at Meritline and they are -R(should I be using -R or +R). DVDCLONE consistantly fails if I use DVD-5 I have let it sit for 45 minutes and it stays with the flushing buffer and writing borders message. I can not shut down the program and I have to completely reboot my computer. I did check to see if my DVD burner has any updates on the firmware and mine has the latest.
I don’t remember the actual Compression and compression Meter setting I will try running a back up and take notice of these… If there is any other information you need please let me know

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:TYG02]
>> >>>Disc & Book Type : [DVD-R] - [DVD-R]
>> >>>Manufacturer Name : [Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd.]
>> >>>Manufacturer ID : [TYG02]
>> >>>Blank Disc Capacity : [2,298,496 Sectors = 4,489.3MB = 4.38GB
>> >>>(4.71GB)]


Make sure, when you check the Compression Meter setting, that you are indeed using one of the same original movies that gave you a “hangup”. You don’t have to go to burn … just the get the Meter read out on the first page of CloneDVD when the output is set to DVD-5.

Also, while you were writing your postback, I edited my above post and added a couple more questions so be sure to answer all the questions so others can help assess your problem. I gotta go to work now.


Hello Whisper

The Disc is madagascar and I was only copying the Main selection and audio. So the quality meter read 100% . The disk was 7.48 GB in Properties for Windows


Are u certain that you’re on the latest Anydvd release. Madagascar was a known issue - but was solved in an earlier release.

Yes definitely the latest edition of Anydvd (matter of fact I’ve just upgraded again) (Version
I tried different movies and it always does the same thing. I always remove the titles and take the main section and Audio to make the best quality back up.

And DVD Shrink works most of time.

I have used TYG02 with CloneDVD over the last year with 7 different burners and have never seen this problem. Given the high quality of genuine TY media, it is possible the problem is with the drive. The edge of the disc can be problematic for a lot of drive types.

SlySoft has come up with a good fix for this combination :bow: :bow: :bow: , I would stick with what you are doing until you add a new burner.

What do you reccomend as a target 4300. Also why does DVD shrink work

I am not sure what you mean by your first question. As to why Shrink works, I would have to guess it is because it is using a different software to burn and it is not as critical when it comes to the problem.

Keep in mind, we are all just guessing here and it could be either the media or the drive or just a combination of the two. I have just not had this experience with CloneDVD before but others have with certain drive/media pairings. I would guess that SlySoft knows more than I and is correct in the assessment, and your drive is just more sensitive to this than others.

I don’t believe DVDShrink is capable of burning. It must be launching something else. Nero maybe?

I just found an interesting fact maybe this will give some of you a clue. I was burning on the 2.0 X speed I went to 4X and it finished no lock up …

I usually use 2.0 X speed because I had some compatibilty issues with some of the DVD players …

Anyone with any ideas …

Burning any current media at 2X is generally a bad idea. If the quality of your TY burns at 8X is a problem with some players the problem is either the burner or the player. I would suggest the burner, but I am just guessing. 4X is not nearly as much of a problem and TYG02 does well at this speed. I would stay at 4X.

I jumped the gun a little and had no problem with Two for the Money so I went back to Madagascar and sure enough it locked up at 4X speed…

I thought I solved it a little bummed really thought I had it.