Problems with CloneDVD

Product : AnyDVD
> Version : 6050
> OS : Windows XP Home
> Drive(s): Samsung CD/DVDW SH-W162C
> Firmware: TS11 Z O
> Region:1
> Title(s): POSEIDON,INSIDE MAN,Larry The Cable Guy
> -------------------------------------------------
> Used AnyDVD & CloneDVD2
> At the layer Break Pixelization and freeze also 10 minutes
> left of the movie it dies Im using 2901 the latest cloneDVD
> and the media Im using is Taiyo Yuden
> TYG02 DVD-R I Copied these at
> 6x speed also tried 8x and 4x
> normally 6x works the best I also tried DVD+R Same results any ideas.
I contacted Slysoft and they only said try DVD+R
I used DVD Identifier to check media and according to all reviews I am using one of the best media’s. All my other versions of these programs worked perfect before . I tried uninstalling them and reinstalling them but nothing worked. H…E…L…P!!!

TrevsRevenge -

What DVD playback device are you using when you experience your “Pixelization/freeze” problem?

During the AnyDVD-CloneDVD backup process have you ensured that all background Multi Tasking processes have been curtailed that could possibly interfere with the proper functioning of AnyDVD-CloneDVD? The below Forum posting might prove to be helpful.


BeLooken Thanks for your input.
Im using a Toshiba SD-2900 Which I have been using for a year now But I don’t think its that because it won’t even play on my computers either. I have a Dell Optiplex 280GX Which is 6 months old and also a compaq Which is brand new There is definately no tasks running in the back ground that shouldn’t be Like I previously mentioned I have had previous versions of both software with no problems at all it just seems to have happened with this last update.

Did you try going back to the previous versions and see if it works?

No strachan I didn’t because when the programs update you lose the previous version.
unless there is a way to get them back but I havn’t heard of a way.

I always keep the old versions in case a new one conflicts with something on my system. You might try doing a web search to see if you can find the versions before this one.

strachan there are hundreds of sites which have earlier versions but every one now a days don’t want to pay for programs they all want cracks or keygens . How do you find a program that has not been played with Thank you for your help I think I will try to contact slysoft maybe they can send me an earlier version hopefully.

Here is a link for anydvd, - you can probably find old versions of clonedvd there too.

Thank you strachan I found both applications there maybe with a little luck I will get this to work again. Have a great day