Problems with clone dvd2 & pioneer dvr-110

I have been using clone dvd2 for a while with my pioneer dvr-107 and have had no probelms.

I recently upgraded my drive to a pioneer dvr-110.

for some reason when i backup my dvd’s half of them don’t work, when I put them back in the drive it just shows up as an empty drive and they cannot play on domestic dvd players either. I have upgraded the firmware on the dvd drive but the problem still exists. I have also upgraded clone dvd2 to and still no change.

I am using verbatim blank media 4.7g. this is what I have always used on my previous drive. I am burning at 4x speed.

I can’t figure out where the problem is, the drive, the software or the media. I still have my old drive in the pc and that still works perfectly but I want to sort this out before I take it out.

any suggestions? and does anyone want any free coasters???

I also tried using dvd shrink and it did the same, the problem is intermitant, sometimes they work then and sometimes they don’t, about 50/50.

I thought I was going mad!!! I too also have this problem. I have a pioneer 16x DVD writer 110 with the latest firmware & I also use 16x verbatim discs! I can only burn with nero. If i try burning a DVD with DVD clone III or VSO to DVD, even though it says succesful burn when I try & play it on DVD player it says can’t read video. When I put it in comp to check if it anything on disc it says it’s a blank CD & is empty, yet I can’t reburn on it so it gets chucked! F*CK knows why??? it is bizarre & nobody else has posted anything about this. I will say though that DVD Shrink works for copying DVDs, it rips them to harddrive then burns with nero & it’s better than DVD Clone. If you ever find out why or any1 who reads this has a solution please put me out my misery!!!