Problems with Clone DVD

I’ve been using clone DVD and the only problem i’ve been having with it is that it’ll copy the DVD’s, but the DVD’s will only play properly on my comp. I’ve tryed using the DVD’s in other places and they will only play on my comp. What configurations to I need to adjust so that I don’t have this problem. Lastly my DVD player is able to read DVD + and - R, so i don’t get it.

Help me out please…

try to burn a copy with 1x speed only this helps on some standalone player

how do i slow down the speed???

On the Output Method page in CloneDVD2 there is a drop down menu with which you can set the write speed.

It would be helpful to know what burner, stand-alone player, and media code you are using.

Most playback issues are caused by bad media or fast burn speed. Use 4X burn speed and stick with Made in Japan media.