Problems with CLONE DVD do not expel the DVD



I have problems with several versions of CLONE DVD: Slysoft CloneDVD2 v2.7.1.1 that are but the recent one, and Slysoft 2,6,1,3 CloneDVD an old version, with together versions finishes the recording process but it does not leave the message expulsion, or is times that I make the process of recording to the hard disk and when it requests the virgin disc to me does not begin to record, I have WINDOWS XP SP2, with all patches, ASPI updated, BURNER DVD SONY 530A, ATLON XP 2400+, BOARD ASUS DELUXE, already and done of all format several times, installed software and encounter the error, if somebody can help it would be thankful infinitely me, in addition does not block the tray of the burner because no a photo leaves dvd. the error I show it next




Im having the same issue as you, Rolling56 is trying to help me…my post is called CloneDVD2 freezes when flshing borders. If you keep your on it you may find an answer, if you find the answer let me know and I will do same


ok, in any case I am looking for the answer in other forums of Internet, if of something I am written thanks