Problems with Clone DVD and 'Da Vinci Code revealed'

Hi from vanuatu,
I have just joined and am new to this, but I am trying to backup Da Vinci’s Code Revealed. I am using the latest licensed software and keep getting a response from Clone DVD “unable to copy protected material” and the details show “Clone 7 TCE”
I am not a genius when it comes to deciphering these messages, could someone assist, I’d be very grateful…Cal

We have a CloneDVD forum here - you’ll probably get more help there if I transfer this query there…

Thanks imkidd57, just noticed this myself.

Thanks…I’ll go there regards

You may want to try this in multiple, separate steps.

1 - Rip the disk to the hard drive
2 - Then try processing with Clone DVD
3 - Then try burning the output to disk

For ripping, you could use AnyDVD if you own that, or DVDFab Decrypter, which is free, if you don’t.

Then once it’s ripped and stored on the disk without the protection, you can try using CloneDVD or maybe testing with DVD Shrink or what not.

Then export to like an ISO or VIDEO_TS folder and burn that from the hard drive using Nero or ImgBurn or something.

That way, with each step being separate, diagnosing where the problem lies could be easier.

Good luck.