Problems with Civilization III and Lite On LTR-24102B?!?!?

I’m trying to back up Civilization III (Safedisc 2) with my LTR-24102B and Clone CD and nothing is working. I can get the back up disc to auto run and install, but it’ll say “Insert correct disk” when I try to play it. I’ve tried all kinds of settings, read spead 4X, error retries 3, hardware correction, 4 speed write, amplify weak sectors, nothing works. I have Clone CD version, and the firmware that came with the drive. Has anyone out there got this game to back up correctly with the LTR-24102B, if so, what are the settings and/or firmware that you used. Thanks.

did you try using the hide cdr option with clonecd

What does “hide cdr” option do? Also, where can I check the option, I can’t find it anywhere.

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Also, where can I check the option, I can’t find it anywhere.

its on your system tray

If you can’t find the hide cd-r media option try runing the backup from a drive that isn’t a cd recorder, it’s basically the same the thing.

So if I run the back up disc from a non cd-rw drive, then it’ll work fine?

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So if I run the back up disc from a non cd-rw drive, then it’ll work fine?
Maybe… If the game indeed had the so-called ATIP protection. For more info on the new ‘Hide CDR Media’ and ‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ options read this.

If you live in the UK or USA then you can’t access the Hide CD-R Media option, so you will have to get something like CloneAmp.

Civ 3 uses one of the latest SD2 versions (2.40.***), which is reported to include ATIP check.

I know that my back up of this title works perfectly from my CD Rom, but wont run at all in my burner, just sits there spinning. But that is different to what was posted originally, because Orion stated that it would run and install, just not play.

Try running the back up just from a CD Rom drive, as RedStar suggested, and see what that does.

If you dont have a CD Rom drive, it’s easy to get the fully functioning Clone running, just uninstall it, change your regional settings to somewhere like Canada if your in America or a country in Europe if your in Britain(remember to change the language settings too, thats part of the check Clone does on install) , reinstall it and there you go.

Also check what f/w version are u using in your Lite-On, i’ve read somewhere that some versions are better at SD2 than others.

Is there any other way to pass up the ATIP check other then to set your region to Canada (or wherever) and enable the “Hide CD-R Media.” Because the back-up does install, it just says “Insert correct disc” after I try and run it.

Not sure on that Orion, there is quite a good explanation of ATIP on this thread -

I dont see how you can get around it if you are burning to a CDR - because they all have this ATIP thing on them, but then again, i’m no expert.