Problems with chopper xp and subtitles


  1. im using chopper xp and when i enter in the info required (total movie time, start and finish time) when it goes to the menu i choose location and save file name but when the little bar appears it dissapears just as fast as it appeared and nothing is saved.

  2. im using divxtodvd to convert a vid, and i wanted to add a sub channel. i have a .ssa that was supported in bsplayer but not recognized in divxtodvd. will it still work on a dvd player as the subtitle?


i found the problem with chopper it was because i wasnt using a .vob file.

is there another program to record parts of avi, mpeg, etc… files?


well chopper xp wont open .vob files from a dvd, it recognizes them but wont play them the play,pause, and stop buttons aren’t shaded in. anyone know what the prob could be?


now ive got it to open one and play it and its nothing but off colored pixels that no one can make out. anyone have a diff program i could try?