Problems with chapters out of order in beta

I haven’t had this problem in a while but recently the past few movies I have burned using DVDFab express have had the issue with the chapters being out of order from the scene selection menu.

The latest example was She’s the Man doing complete movie. Anyone else noticed this issue?

I’ve had this same problem since I first bought DVDFab Express. I have given up as has many other’s with trying to get fab to make a fix for this problem. Most now just burn movie only. I however like to back up the entire DVD. I love the special features with deleted scenes etc… It is a shame that in order to burn Episode DVD’s correctly, I have to use an out of date DVDShrink to copy and Nero to Burn. You would think if DVDShrink and so many other companies can get it right, that DVDFab could. Well, I got started getting angry again with them, so let me stop rattling on. Good Luck