Problems with cd's

Hello I created backup versions of a game via alcohole, I then used this to burn a two cd’s, it worked and I could run and install the game off these cd’s …

I had a problem with m CDRW and gateway replaced it, under gurantee.

The new drive is faster and really good, but now I get a problem with these cd’s saying wrong volume, there are not scratched, and I created another back up using the same procedure and and the new cd but still it comes up with the wrong volume right at the end of the installation… I think it might be something I dont understand about creating backups for many different types of cd, why should the game work with one cdrw and noth another…

So I created virtual cd’s on the hard drive but still it wont load from them either… I am using XP now but I have had the game working from back ups under xp , the only change is the cdrw

There must be options fro creating generic cd’s rather than ones that only work with one type of drive…

Please help…I dont understand the options etc, for write speed and how read speed comes into it.

Ok try to put your posts that are very close together in the same thread.

It could be a possilblity that the new drive is not able to do the protections on the cd.

Are you using the cdrw as the regular drive to read everything??