Problems with cd-r

hello, i have two stand alone cr recorders. a sony and a pioneer. both record fine but some discs start to have a screeching sound near the end. an hour may play fne then a noise starts and gets progressively worse. i use brand name cd-rs such as memorex, maxell, sony and so on. the disc hacve the same prolem in my car. is this disc deterioration? on a few i have recorded the noise is on the disc right away, on others it appears later. i mostly archive vinyl and make compilation discs. any help would be great.

Do you get faulty cd’s sometimes from every disc brand you’ve used so far?
Do both recorders create such faulty discs,or only 1 of them?

yes and yes. some discs play fine then later start having the screeching sound. i was listening last night to a cd that had played fine in the past but i got about 70 minutes in to it and it started. it is weird. it sounds like a vynil record with a really bad scratch gouged in it. all the cds are kept in protective cases.

Since some of the discs start to get this problem only after a while,and not directly,makes it very difficult to narrow it down.
If the surface is not scratched in any way,none of your players have faulty moving parts.
Does the problem usually starts AFTER the cd’s have played in the carstereo?

most have been in the car, a 12 disc jvc unit in the trunk. but i had one cd i copied for a friend and when i gave it to her and she called back and said it was noisy. this was a copy of a factory cd. i would thionk if they were that badly scratched they would skip or get stuck rather than sound like this.

Can you post the model number of your cdwriters?
Do your vinyl compilations have the same problem as your factory cd copies?

Sony-RCD W500C, Pioneer PDR-509. Yes problems happnes on copies of vinyl and cd’s

[QUOTE=rweiss;2291841] i would thionk if they were that badly scratched they would skip or get stuck rather than sound like this.[/QUOTE]

You’re probably right.
But what bothers me,is that the recordings are made with different media,different writers,and degrade after being used some time,not directly.
It’s hard to blame it on bad media,because you had it with all different brands you’ve used so far.
We can rule out a bad writer,because you have it with both of them.
Both writers support 80min/700MB audio-cdr,so the burn space is fully supported.
As you know,a device reads from the inner side to the outside of a disc,and since the screeching sound is always near the end of the compilation,I would check the outer edge of the cd to see if there’s nothing unusual.
Do you check the cd’s after a succesfull writing in a seperate reader?

What would i look for? This is so strange, i have archived so much stuff now i feel that i cannot trust it to work. i used to archive to reel to reel and never had a problem. some of these cd’s have labels on them and i have read that possibly they can warp the disc in extreme temperature changes. i have checked the discs and they only have a minor scuff here or there, never near the edge. is there a difference in the laser for a dvd player vs a cd. one of the discs that had a problem in a cd player, played better in the dvd player, but another one had the same problem in the dvd player that it had in the cd player.

[QUOTE=rweiss;2294194]What would i look for?[/QUOTE]
Fingerprints or scratches on the outer edge.
Check also your faulty discs with Nero Cd-Dvdspeed to see if you can find errors.