Problems with CD/DVD drive Toshiba TS-L633A



Hello, everybody! I have problem with CD/DVD drive Toshiba TS-L633A. I burn double layer dvds, and then my drive can’t read what it has just burned. Before i had this problem only with DL DVD (Verbatim), now also single layer DVD (also Verbatim) and with CD’s. Can i fix it? Or should i buy new drive?
I tried to reinstall drivers for drive, it didn’t help. I didn’t check with other vendors’ disks.
Laptop is ASUS F80S, OS WinXP SP3, soft for burning Nero
Thanks in advance.


Hi and Welcome!

see if cleaning the lens does help. In case your laptop is still under warranty, then contact Asus customer support for further advice.

I doubt, Nero is the culprit here, but you can (and should) also try Imgburn.