Problems with CCD 4 beta on the fly

I have been using CloneCD since a lot of time ago, and never had any trouble with it… 'til now.
I have a PIII 800EB, 192MB RAM, and a PCCHIPS M754LMR Mobo.
HP CDWriter Plus 9100i, and Creative 5233E.
I’m using CloneCD 4 beta 30, and previously was using beta 9 and 21. The problem is that, when I try to copy an audio cd ON THE FLY, every time the Reader starts another track, the buffers (both, the main and the sub one) lower about 8%, so it keeps getting lower and lower and about 40 or 50% I get an “LOSS OF STREAMING” error.
I know this is an error coming from the new CloneCD 'cause I uninstalled every version I’ve used and reinstalled the and it works perfect. So I install again the beta version and the problem comes again.
What could it be Olli???

Yes that’s because audio reading is limited to 8x. And besides that, because SubChannel Data readig is enabled for audio, some devices are very slow when reading audio (and hence the error: LOOS OF STREAMING = BUFFER UNDERRUN). Read here how to speed up the audio reading. CloneCD 3 doesn’t give you the errors because it’s not limited.

I’ll try to do that. I already read the other post, thanx :wink: