Problems with Cars

I am having a problem with playback on Disney’s Cars. The movie copies fine, with no problems. However, when playing back it freezes about half way through the movie. The rest of the movie is there, it just gets hung up. Any thoughts what is causing this? I have tried it in three dvd players and they all get stuck.

I am using Anydvd and Icopydvds2

Any ideas?

You might get a better response if you posted this in the 1 click forum. There are a few here that have it. I for one but don’t really use it at all to help you. The only thing I can ask here is " Was the safe mode on"?

This isn’t 1-click.

dogthenine, please answer some questions:

I suspect this is a blank media issue, though. But I’ve never used Icopydvds2 either.

The media I am using is:
Maxell Dvd-R 16x speed
the numbers around the spindle are: 5331F1812-08780E15

I have used this same media for all my movies, and this is the first problem.

I am using an HP writer at 16 speed, Icopydvd’s does allow for choice of speed, so I assume it does the fastest available.

I see three possibilities:

  1. Switch to Taiyo Yuden or preferably (if you can afford it) MAM-A Gold archival quality dvd blanks (for single layer discs). Are your Maxell blanks made in Japan?

  2. Icopydvds2 isn’t removing layer breaks properly (I’m not sure, since I don’t use the software)

  3. Your burner is dying or needs to have its firmware updated

If Icopydvds2 use to work for you, but is no longer working–then it’s either your media, your burner, or a combination thereof. You can also try burning at a slower speed.

If you have access to Nero cd-dvd speed, you may want to try running some disc quality scans on your burnt media.

I sincerely doubt this is an Anydvd issue.

That doesn’t matter. People often scratch their heads and say the same thing–until they hit a few bad blanks within the same spindle/batch of blank media. Maxells that are made in Japan are likely Taiyo Yuden media–but if they’re not made in Japan, then chances are what you’re using isn’t that great–and it’s possible your burner, currently, doesn’t produce good burns on the media you’re using at 16x, which is why I would look for a firmware update for your drive.

I got it to work using Anydvd and Dvdfab express.

I think Icopydvd’s 2 is not a good program!

I used 1clickdvdcopy 5 for most of my dvds, was tring to find a comparable software for a little less money.

Thanks for the help!

You might want to try the free trials of clonedvd2 and clonecd (for dual layer blanks only) at

Yeagh, clonedvd2 is what I used for the ones I didn’t do with 1clickdvdcopy.

1click seem to be a little better.

I’m glad you’ve found something you’re happy with.

Take care