Problems with burning to CD-R

Previously, I have been sucessfully able to download large files to CD-R. Yet recently, I have been expriencing problems burning files such as divx and even mp3’s.

I use roxio easy Cd Creator as my burning software and downloaded files to CD-R as a data file. As I have said this has been working fine in the past but all of sudden I am not able to access newly burned files.

The burning process is normal and no errors arise during the recording phase, windows explorer also reads that the files are on the disk. Yet the problem is when I attempt to read these files they are not able to be read. I am also experencing problems reading them on other systems as well. Windows media player states that the CD is “damaged or dirty”.

So the question is where do I go from here?

Change discs… get some TY or Verbatim discs.