Problems with burning PLEASE HELP?

hey there, been having some problems with burning cd’s and dvd’s…had recent problem with pc and had to reformat and since then anything i try to burn onto disk jumps and skips…i have changed the ide cable and d/loaded the most recent firmware and it is still giving me problems…i.e skipping…it is a lite-on dvd burner…can any1 think of anything that would help?? would be much appreciated… :doh:

ps…i have tried burning the disks at slower speeds as well and i’m using nero 7 as well…

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Out of the information you provide it’s hard/impossible to give any answer.

Please start with reading here and here.

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Lite-On SOHW-1693S < thats the dvd burner i am using…what other info do you need?

Read the links pinto2 provided and everything you can in the Lite-On forum. Try different media.