Problems with burning my first MPEG to DVD using ALCOHOL 120%

First off this is my first venture into the DVD burning world and although i dont like the term NOOB im afraid ill have to accept said title in this matter.

Help please.

I have the Mpeg movie i wish to burn to a blank media (DVD TDK - RW 2x 4.7 gb single sided). I have tried Alcohol 120% (trial) and Nero 6 (trial) and the media continues not to be recognised by the program/drive.

I am assuming it is a problem with the DVD burner - NEC DVD+RW ND-2100AD. As it doesnt recognised there is a DVD in the drive regardless of whether i am running one of the above programs or not.

The only probably problem i have noticed (from actually writing this out actually) the DVD drive is DVD+RW and the DVD disc is called DVD-RW. Could this be the source of the problem (the plus and minus)?

Help will be very gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum (as i said i am new at this).

Hi Flabba,

maybe your drive is just able to burn DVD+RW and DVD-RW. Checking the technical specifications of your drive would solve this problem. If that’s not the case maybe a Firmware update will be the solution. Always double check Firmware and drive version before flashing itand read the instructions. Take a look here for Firmware downloads and information

The reason that it wont/cannot work is becuase your are i take it trying to copy a file from HDD to Disc Alcohol cannot do this, you do not state which Version of Alcohol you are using if not the latest then install it as the Problem could be caused by use of an older version which does not support your Burner.

PS: if your Drive is +R/RW then it cannot burn -R/RW blank media. :rolleyes: