Problems with burning files with Nero from DVD FAb5

Hi, in the past I have used DVD FAb, then DVD Shrink, then Nero to backup some movies with success. I recently tried to backup the movie Hancock and I couldn’t. I have recently updated my DVD fab and this is when the problem started.
The programs I’m using is the most recent updated free version of DVDfab 5, and using Shrink, and Nero version

Here is whats happening: I’m able to do the full movie and decrypt it to my hard drive, and then use shrink to compress it down to a DVD size. But what is new now is when I use Nero, to burn the Video TS folder it doesn’t play in my standalone DVD player at home. And yes, I am using the same type of DVD media for my burning as I have always did for my dvd player, when I was successful.
Plus there is an image file that it creates. In the past this image file hasn’t come up when using Nero until recently when I updated my DVD Fab program. So I guess what I’m asking is what is the best burning program to use if your using DVD Fab, then Shrink, so it will play on any DVD player?

Thanks for any help with my problem

I, along with some other members, have also encountered some problems with Hancock. My experience was when ripping just the movie, shrinking it and saving as an ISO file – it wouldn’t play in either of 2 different brand DVD players but did play in a third different one. When I ripped the entire DVD, shrunk and saved as an ISO, then burned – it worked in all our DVD players.
Fengtao has replied in another thread that he would likely be looking into this. You might want to do a search of this thread using “Hancock” as the criteria to see what other people experienced or you may want to try doing the entire disk instead of just the movie itself and see what happens.