Problems with burning CDRs and playing back video with NEC n-2500a

Ello there peeps

I have had this drive for a few months and had no problems with it whatsoever until recently.
Now, it won’t burn CDRs at anything higher than 10x (i checked with nero drivespeed or whatever it’s called). All the speeds still show up in Nero (up to 32x) but even by choosing 32x it takes 10-15 minutes to burn a music CD. DVDs seem to burn ok at 4x but it’s mainly CDRs i need to burn at the moment.
Also, when trying to play DVDs (originals as well as copies) and .avis burnt to CDR, both picture and sound is stuttured, as if there wasn’t enough RAM to cope. I have 256mb of RAM and it used to work fine so I don’t think that’s the problem. I have also uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it to no avail (firmware 1.06) and also uninstalled Nero and reinstalled that.
Any ideas anyone?
(I’m using XP Pro and Nero

Any help much appreciated


Sounds like you’ve lost DMA for some reason.

You can directly edit the Registry to fix the problem, but the easiest thing to do is uninstall the IDE channel the drive is on and reboot.


Originally posted by DavidW
[B]uninstall the IDE channel the drive is on and reboot.

David [/B]

Thank you very much! I also installed the Adaptec 4.60 ASPI layer with ForceASPI as someone else suggested to me and it all seems to work! (though I don’t think I’m quite getting 32x but near enough)
Thanx again

Personally I would aim to remove Adaptec ASPI wherever possible - it can cause problems.

Anyway - glad you got the DMA stuff fixed up, which solved the problem.