Problems with burning a large ISO file




I have a huge .ISO file (4 gigabytes) inside a RAR file and would like to know how can I burn it into several CD’s. I have an HP CD writer, not a DVD.

If I open the file with Nero, it immediately tells me that there’s not enough space in the CD (which is obvious).

Or, what’s the best way to extract the files from this ISO file?

I have the Nero 7 Premium software by the way.

Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated,


Burn it to DVD.

It’s not meant to be broken up to mulitple CD’s.


As above poster suggested either burn it in to DVD or you have to look for proper burning program that enable to do that (breaking the ISO file in to few segment with adequate lead in & lead out step).


You can extract the files from the ISO file quite simply by mounting the image on a virtual CD/DVD Drive.

Daemon Tools is a free virtual drive which once installed will enable you to mount the image as though it were a DVD drive & copy the files via Explorer.


robertin75 said he does not have a DVD writer. You can also use Nero ImageDrive to mount the iso and extract the files from it.