Problems with burner install

I just reinstalled a burner on my eMachines T5010. It was the original, it is an Hitachi-LG drive GSA-4163B. It came with firmware A101 but I flashed it to A105 since I was having trouble getting it to recognize dual layer media.
After the flash it reinstalled & now I can only burn cd’s at 8x & dvd’s at 4x.
I have this problem no matter what burning software I use. I am using primarily Nero 6, but cd problem also shows up using windows media player. The slow dvd burning shows up with Clone DVD or Nero. I believe the system sees it as a slower burner. Has anyone ever had this problem. Emachines tech support tried deleting high & low filters but it didn’t help. The drive works fine but maddeningly slow.
I would appreciate any clues anyone can give me.
Could windows be installing the wrong driver?
The driver I show is 5.1.2535.0

Check the DMA status of the burner & your HDD. Check out this thread .

Looks like there is a newer firmware, A106. If the DMA is not the issue you might want to update to the newer firmware.

Sounds like DMA disabled.

I just checked & dma is enabled [B]But[/B] I show 2 primary channels. They use the same driver & the first shows use this device (enable) under general & under advanced shows device 0 auto detection in gray (not selectable) DMA if available (selectable in white) & Ultra DMA mode 4 (in gray not selectable). Device 1 shows auto detection (in white selectable, dma if availavle (in white selectable) & transafer mode not available (in grey not selectable)

The second primary channel in general device usage is blank & in gray & not selectable. In advanced view all is the same as the first primary channel but current transfer mode shows Ultra DMA Mode 5.
Could the presence of 2 primary channels be my problem?
What is the significance o one being DMA 4 & the second being DMA 5.
I also wonder about the firmware A106 since it is not on LG’s website. I think this is a 3rd party firmware.
I would appreciate any help anyone could give me since eMachines tech support couldn’t figure it out.
Sorry for the long post but I didn’t know how to send screenshots of the ide channel boxes.

DMA4 is for an optical drive (LG) and DMA5 for a harddisk.


No, this original LG firmware. You can get it from LG canada (
But please note: Your drive is the Hitachi version, as it supports UDMA 4 mode. The LG versions only support UDMA 2. You might have a look into the LG drives section and read the FAQ there, as it contains useful information. Flashing the LG firmware on your drive is crossflashing and voiding any warranty.


My drive originally came in an eMachines T5010. I thought if the drive had gsa numbers it was a lg drive. Since I flashed from LG websit ( upgraded to A105 from A101) did I use the wrong firmware? Should my drive be using UDMA 4 or UDMA 2 mode? Would the firmware versions have different numbers from Hitachi? It came with A101 so I thought A105 was a logical upgrade.
Is the UDMA mode causing the speed problem?
Would this also limit my CD burning speed to 8x?

I’m sure Michael will give the definitive answer but I’d guess that this flashing with the wrong firmware is the answer.

AFAIK, UDMA2 or 4 depends on the used firmware with your drive.

So does anyone know if I should try the A106 from the Canadian LG website or try Hitachi firmware? Can anyone tell me where to get the Hitachi firmware.
I also have one more piece of information I noticed the model number on the drive says GSA-4163B/TG11. I am not sure of the what the TG11 is for but maybe it will help.

Can anybody give me any info on problem? :bow:

TG11 is because the drive came already fitted into an eMachine. The TG stands for TriGem, and is probably the make of your motherboard too :slight_smile:

I used A106 on mine, worked just fine :slight_smile:

I am going to try to put the burner on it’s own channel & see if it burns at the right speed. Then I will flash to A106.
I hope isolating the drive will help.

If anyone is still monitoring this thread. I bought some new media TDK 8x & got an 8x burn so it seems the slow dvd burn was media related. This however does not explain the slow CD burns of 8x. It seems it is only a CD burning problem!!
What could cause that!!! :confused:

Poor CD media perhaps? What are you using?

It sets the burn speed before the blank media is inserted. The burn speed shows 40x as a choice before setting up a CD record list in Nero but after when the burn window comes up the only choices are 8x & 4x. Also if I do a drive check with nero it shows top burn speed as 40x.

Not using CD-RW media are you by any chance?

Or what is the rated speed of the media?

The rated speed is 52x (they are CD-R) & the gsa-4163b burner is rated to burn at 40x.
The reason I don’t think it is the media though is the speed is reduced as soon as you build the burn list, before the blank media is inserted into the drive.
I was hoping there is a common cure since deleting upper & lower filters didn’t work.

If it’s an Audio CD you want to create then try Burrrn ( or for data CDBurnerXP Pro or ImgBurn. See if that makes any difference.

What does Nero’s CD-DVD Speed show when you use the Disk Info tab like I’ve done:-