Problems with blu ray recorder LG CH08LS20 and MAC PRO / snow leopard

I’m from Italy.
I have a problem with my LG BH08LS20…
I installed it on my MAC PRO 8 core 3.Ghz with snow leopard, using a sata to ide converter to connect it to the ide cable inside my mac.
But unfortunately, the drive opens the first time, i putted inside a dvd 5 to see if it works fine, closed the tray, heard the dvd spinning, and then nothing more…
It didn’t came up in the finder…
I didn’t installed any firmware update or driver… i don’t know what to do!!!
Tell me something good… Please! HELP ME!

using a sata to ide converter

Usually thats the problem!

Buta a lot of people usually use this kind of converter for blu-ray drive, also ken stone
Maybe mine converter don’t work properly?
I need help!

Maybe you could contact this guy about the adaptor??

I’m still here with this problem… i connected the blu ray recorder via sata, and there’s no game… the blu ray recorder burns only dvd… can someone help me???

That will not work with MAC OS, thank apple for that…