Problems with blank CMC MAG-E01-000 or roms/burners or software

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I have up until recently had no systemic problems burning whatsoever, with any burner or media combination. Until now…

I have a pack of 50 CMC MAG-E01-000 4.7GB DVD+R discs (used DVD identifier) that have burned fine in my Samsung TS-H552U burner and read fine in my LiteOn JLMS XJ-HD165H up until recently. I haven’t burnt a dvd in a few weeks and now when I put any of the discs from the same pack in either drive, windows explorer sees them as a CD with no capacity, and any other software I like (Nero) tells me to insert a larger capacity disc, even for a 3GB burn, i.e. I can’t burn them anymore, they are not being recognised! This is really weird that it’s both dvd-burner and reader, so I think it must be software or OS(Windows XP Pro SP2)-related.

Both drives read the same discs that I burnt previously ok still. CD’s are ok too.

Any advice muchly appreciated.

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Do you have other blank media to check to see if you are also having similar problems with other media?

You will undoubtedly get at least one worthless response of ‘CMC is crap’, which is false. It sounds like either some system related issue or an issue of the media degrading. Degrading media in a relatively short period of time (months) is very uncommon, burned or unburned, unless they are stored poorly such as very high humidity/temp/excess exposure to the sun. A couple of types of media have a known reputation for degrading such as Ritek G05, but CMC is not media with stability issues. Samsung burners are generally not very good, but that doesn’t sound like it has relevance to your problems. It could have some relation to the IDE drivers on your system, someone else can provide more specific advice on what drivers to check/try as I’ve never had issues on my systems.

Trying other media or trying the discs in another computer would help in narrowing down the problem.

hey thanks for the quick reply…

I take back the bit about CD’s being okay - both of the drives are doing the same thing with blank CDs - I tried two different brands - Plasmon and TDK, so I would say, without having another brand of DVD to try right now, or another system to try them on (and all of these packs of blank media have been okay up until now) that it is not the media I’m using, rather the software or some setting in the OS.

Being okay upto now means nothing. Different names may buy their disc from different sources. I can’t comment on TDK but Plasmon sounds like one of those third party firms that change them frequently, abit like Datawrite. Therefor they may have changed the source. Also storage affects them.

Firstly that is a bug of windows ignore it. It can’t show any capacity of a blank disc as there is no informationtelling it how much is on the disc, this is done during the burning proces.

If you have been burning CDs you may need to choose your burner again. shows whatI am talking aobout.