Problems with Bin,Cue files 480x480



I am trying to convert a couple of BIN, CUE files (2 bin files and 2 cue files) to DVD-R

I have burned the two bin files to disc using VCD Easy and now have two CD’s with Mpeg files.

I have used the Cdxa2mpeg convertor on VCD Easy to convert to ‘true’ Mpeg.

But I can’t seem to load them into anything
TMPG Author reports a size of 480x480 which is not DVD compliant and a 29fps.

I have tried to load them into TMPG encoder to alter the size but TMPG encoder says cannot open or unsupported.

I have encoded many AVI, DivX and XVid films but had little expeience with BIN,CUE format

Am I doing something completely wrong?

Any help would be very much appreciated



You need to extract the content from the Bin file. You can use ISObuster to do that. The VCDEasy feature is great to convert to a true MPG file. From it dimensions (480x480) its most probably a SVCD. Just use DVDLab to author it for you. Their guide on how to do it is at


Thanks for the reply Chicken Man.
I will give that a go with the next one :wink:

Meanwhile, I have got TMPGenc to accept the file and have encoded it. I had to dowload the MPEG-2 plugin for TMPGenc.

Thanks again…Edd