Problems with .bin and .cue, AV sync etc

Ok I just recently bought myself a dvd burner… it is a
LG 18x super milti dvd rewritter (gsa-h42l)

Got my hands on some good Ole Nero 7 full edition.

There are a few problems I am currently having.

.Rar There is 5 shows in this season and are about 150-175 mb’s a piece they should fit… When I add the last show witch was originally .rar’s til I excrated it the audio and video simply do not match(on dvd only, pc is great)… I understand this could be from the original file… It plays great on PC but on dvd not so much…

But it will cut the video short at the end… some times it does that with movies as well… a 1.5 gig 2 file movie will drop the last 20 min of the movie… and with the episodes of that show it drops the end as well…

Ive tried slowing down the burning speed and nothing is runnnin at same time as burn… but thats 2 of the problems I have… The other one is gettin me a lil angry.

.bin and .cue… I know you can make svcd’s with these… But for the life of me I can’t find how to make a dvd out of these things. I know they are a form of Image file… but nero doesnt support it… unless your burning a vcd… That really upsets me cause why cant I just place them onto a dvd so i can make menu’s and stuff…

If anyone out there is going to suggest new software thats fine… I like being able to build a menu and place in my own music and stuff its just really frustraiting to let somthing transcode for 2 hours to have it land in the trash. repeatedly.

First of all - are you sure the ‘missing’ end of the final show is actually there? Some downloaded titles are accidentally or deliberately edited.

Secondly, if you have Nero installed then just double-click the ‘cue’ file and it should sort out all the burning options for the ‘bin’ file. Once you’ve burned it to CD then you can try and make a DVD using Nero Recode.

kk, Yes I’m sure I have all of the show, Watched it on my computer a lot.

All that for a simple conversion, bleh Good to know that way works… But redownloading is probably quicker… but if DL is Unavail that is really good to know.

what about 1.5 gig 2 file movie i was talking about… all burns fine and stuff but the AV is whacky and the movie drops about 20 min before the end… Once again watched it on my pc so I know its there…

I’m having that problem as well as Multiple .avi files onto one dvd… lets say 100 mb files, cartoons run time of 10 min a peice… How many of those do you think I should be able to have on a dvd and still look decent???

Such files are too long for standalones.

Without proper authoring it wont work.